{1st Birthday Party with Smash Cake!} | Pasadena Birthday Party Photographer

1st Birthday Parties are a blast!  I was lucky to be asked to capture this cutest 1st birthday party with “smash cake” at Café Bizou in Pasadena.  This sweet and beautiful little girl, Charlotte, traveled all the way from Bellevue, Washington to Los Angeles, where both of her parents grew up, to celebrate her 1st birthday with her friends and family.  Her mom did an amazing job putting the garden-themed birthday party together.  With her friends and family, she created the banners, party favors and center pieces – with beautiful orchids, pinwheels, butterflies, etc.  I love all the details that they handcrafted!

And of course you can’t have a 1st birthday party without a smash cake!  They prepared two cakes at the party – a big decorated birthday cake for the guests, plus a mini smash cake for Charlotte, which was homemade by her grandma!  In the beginning, Charlotte was cautious about touching the cake, but soon after her daddy let her taste a little bit, she started to smash, smear, enjoy, and eat!  She loved the frosting and had this “can I keep doing this?” look on her face.  The cake was all over her hands and got everywhere!  It was insanely messy, but adorable!  As I was trying to focus on Charlotte to capture these moments, in the corner of my eye, I would see her mom’s concerned face, who probably was not a fan of giving a ton of sugar to her one year old daughter!  LOL!

Happy 1st birthday, little Charlotte!  Your birthday brought the best things together – family, friends, joy, and smiles :)

Cathy Murai Photography loves to shoot special events!  Whether its an upcoming 1st birthday party for your kids, traditional 1st birthday parties (ie. Korean dol), kids birthday parties, baby showers, or any special event that shows off your creative entertaining ideas!  I would love to capture your celebration and all the details!  Event photography service includes high resolution digital files with print release.  Please contact me for further details of the services that I offer.

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